Scenes from Christmas 2011

The holidays were very good to us this year. We’re just two atheists who adore the cheer of this time of year. We decorate everything in as much red and green as possible (there’s even an unspoken rule that you have to wear red and/or green on Dec 25), and enjoy or family traditions.

We started the weekend by meeting my brother and his wife for chocolate fondue on Friday night and a little gift exchanging; they got us a frozen yogurt maker, we gave them some homemade pepper vodka and some bar stuff. Then on Saturday we had my husband’s family over for lunch and more gifts. We capped off the night with our tradition of getting hot chocolate from Starbuck’s and looking at lights.

Christmas morning my husband lets me wake him up retardedly early so the fun can begin. We opened gifts, had blueberry pancakes and spent tne rest of the day with friends.


Chocolate peppermint bark


We add one new ornament each year- best one yet


Red velvet cupcakes


Zeppelin totally pooped from playing with his new toys

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, however you chose to spend it.


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